About us

Biglilpeople is a Smart clothing brand where we believe in “Less is More”. Our outfits are never overdressed or underdressed. You will see simple, clean cuts and silhouettes. Our clothing is not only comfortable, you can dress it up or down and you are ready for any occasion.


Sustainable clothing that lasts a lifetime. We are building a brand with our values, love and care.


Our next generations deserve a better, safer and healthier world. When each of us take a small step in this direction, we all move ahead to a brighter future. Take that step today! For yourself and your little ones.

We take this very seriously as a brand. Our clothing is made of 100% natural fibres. We have made sure we source the best fabrics available and we DO NOT use any plastic. Our buttons are made of coconut shells and wood. All our trims, packaging material etc is all 100% biodegradable. Each product is thoughtfully designed and manufactured in small batches and is personally handcrafted.

Our decision to be a sustainable brand was not only to be earth friendly, but also to be able to give back our community. Our fabrics are sourced from local weavers and mills. These are 100% made in India.

We believe in women empowerment. We are proud to be run and executed by a team which is 95% women, most of which are mom’s. They bring in their own experiences as a parent which is unmatched to any learned skill. As a team we are all very conscious of what we are creating and who it is for.

Our brand is curated by a Mom of two and Grand-mom of four, who are making sure that all the outfits are designed keeping comfort and durability into mind. We want to bring back our traditional concepts and ideas which are Mommy approved for decades. We pay special attention to our fabrics, by procuring the finest and softest fabrics available. Our designs are simple, clean cuts with an element of fun.

When you buy a product from our brand, you are contributing to a kinder world with less wastage and more joy. We hope you love our products just the way we loved curating it for your little ones.

Biglilpeople is for all those little “BIG” people in our lives who are the center of our universe.